Running Analysis

Use 3D motion capture technology to get you to the front of the pack.


3D screening for runners who expect more.

Our 3D screen will tell you exactly what you need to know when it comes to the length and strength of your muscles, the best shoe type to suit your feet and educate you on what form alterations you need to make to your running technique, where required. If you want to get ahead of injuries, improve your form, or are simply looking to begin a running programme - this is for you.


Run360 Running Analysis In Action



What's Included?

  • Running profile and previous injuries screening questionnaire
  • 3D gait analysis of your running with a specialist Physiotherapist
  • Automated strength & conditioning programme with supplementary App support
  • Full report of any injury risk factors
  • Advice on the best shoe type for your body and movement patterns
  • Recommended form drills for technique optimisation

Who is it best suited for?

  • All runners, teenagers and older
  • Those who want to get moving and don’t know where to start (i.e. beginning a Couch to 5km programme)*
  • Runners who want to prevent future injuries
  • Runners who want to improve their form

*If you have previously tried to begin a running programme and not had a positive experience or if you have a recurring injury then we suggest an initial consultation with our physiotherapist to discuss this in detail, and you can then decide on the best course of action for analysis and treatment.

How much does it cost?

A running analysis session costs €125 and lasts approximately 45 minutes.


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