Run360 Marathon Bundle

Build yourself up to marathon success with our expert analysis and support kit

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The SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon is coming in quickly, so now is the time to be getting your base training covered, ensuring that any niggles hanging on after the long winter are looked after. Run360 has put together a tailored package to help you back into the training groove, avoid injury and get you to the start line.

Our initial 3D gait analysis will help show you what you need to stretch, strengthen and refine within your running technique to help get the most from your marathon. Then, once you begin to clock up the miles we know those legs will be taking a pounding – so we have included 6 monthly review sessions to help you with massage, dry needling, form drills or ongoing strength and conditioning work. Your Run360 specialist will help you decide and get you to the start line in peak condition.

We’ve also got you covered for a strength and technique drill review after six weeks, with another 3D analysis after 12 weeks to see how far you have come. Whether you are a seasoned marathoner or a runner looking to make the step up – let us help you achieve your goals.

This pack is valued at €860, however retail is at €645 and includes three in-depth analysis sessions and six monthly follow-up sessions.

We know that this is a big commitment, as is running a marathon. So, to make life easier, you can book your Marathon Bundle for only €120 and then pay 5 monthly instalments of €105. We are so confident that we can get you to the start line that if you don’t make it, the final payment is on us!


what do i get?



Our 3D gait analysis will help show you what you need to stretch, strengthen and refine within your running technique to help get the most from your marathon

Monthly review session

Once you start to clock up the miles we know your legs will be taking a pounding, so our monthly review sessions will help ensure you get the help you need to be ready for race day.


After six weeks we will assess the strength you have built so far and review the progress of your technique since your first session, putting a plan in place for the next six weeks


After 12 weeks we will complete another 3D GAIT analysis to see the difference the program has made to your running form, giving you a clear picture of how your body is working

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What exactly is 3D GAIT analysis?

This system uses reflective markers that are placed on your joints and are picked up by multiple cameras to capture data and measure your movement patterns. This 3D video will be overlaid with a 2D video, and is then combined with an objective assessment of the range of motion in your joints, and the stride and length of your muscles.

Your results will then be compared with the world’s largest biomechanical database to see how your body matches up and we’ll be able to give you detailed information on how to reduce your future injury risk and improve your performance.

Do I need to have begun training for the marathon before utilising the Run360 analysis?

You’ll need to be able to run for a few minutes without stopping, but if you’re brand new to marathon training we can help you put together a plan of action to help you avoid injury from the get go.

Does this guarantee me entry to the SSE Airtricity Dublin Marathon?

No – please register to run here.

What if I’m not running the Dublin marathon, but another one elsewhere?

If you have over 12 weeks to go until your marathon, absolutely – please feel free to get in touch with our patient services team who will be able to best advise you on this.

What happens if I get injured during my training?

The aim of this package is help avoid just that but, despite best efforts, injuries happen to the best of us unfortunately. If you are unlucky enough to pick up a niggle or injury you will be able to avail of a special discounted rate from our Chartered Run360 Physiotherapists should you require more than your monthly review session.

After you have completed the initial 3D screen you will have a large amount of analysis and training already under your belt, so we already will have a good handle on your strength, mobility and performance deficits – meaning you should able to bounce back faster.

Can I put two of the massage vouchers together to make an hour long session?

The aim is injury prevention so consistently releasing muscles is key. A 30-minute soft tissue review session once a month is at the heart of this package. If you feel you would like to a longer massage or other secondary treatment, we can easily add on an extra 15 or 30 minutes, but this will be charged in addition to the package rate. Just let the team know if you require more time and we’ll be able to finalise payment at the session.