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What is Running Analysis?

Running Analysis by RUN 360 is an in-depth revision of your running technique and performance. Using state of the art technology coupled with the reports & thorough assessments delivered by our RUN 360 expert, we'll help you improve your running performance and provide detailed information for staying injury free. If you're currently injured, we'll pinpoint what it is, why you have it and, most importantly, how you go about fixing it. Our full Running Analysis programme costs €300. For details on our other bundles, please see here


Who is RUN 360 Running Analysis for?


Injured Runners

Suitable for injured runners, especially those with re-occurring and/or persistent injuries.


Non-injured Runners

Non-injured runners who want a data-driven approach to improving performance and staying injury-free.



Running Analysis is highly beneficial for individuals with any musculoskeletal conditions.


What Are The Benefits Of Running Analysis?

Extensive Detail

We can provide comprehensive training based on any injury history and performance goals.

Advanced Technology

We use Vicon cameras that will track your specific joint positions and speeds at 200 frames per second.

3D Analysis

We use 3D motion analysis overlaid with 2D video in order to fully understand your running technique.


Assess & Compare

We'll complete an objective assessment of your joints' range of motion, muscle strength and length, then we will compare your results against the world’s largest biomechanical database to see how your body matches up.

In-depth Reports

Highly specific information on current injury status; what it is, why you have it, and most importantly how you go about fixing it. If you're injury-free, we'll provide detailed info on reducing injury risk and improving performance.


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