RUN 360

Specialist Running Injury and 3D Analysis Clinic

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Take Your Running To The Next Level.

Run 360 is a specialist running injury and 3D analysis clinic. Utilising cutting edge 3D gait analysis and specialist training, our Chartered Physiotherapists can help you achieve your running goals. Be it increased performance measures, injury diagnosis or injury prevention strategies, we can give you the objective data you need to allow you to move injury free, run better, run faster, and most importantly, keep running.

Run 360 is powered by Run3D technology - a spin-off from Oxford University that currently delivers gait analysis systems across the UK. In partnership with Run3D, for the first time, Ireland can now avail of this cutting edge technology.


State of the art technology

Our revolutionary 3D GAIT system uses multiple cameras and reflective markers to capture scientifically accurate data and measure your movement patterns in real time.

Specialist Running Training

All of our Chartered Physiotherapists have undertaken postgraduate training with a specific focus on understanding and treating running injuries. Whether it is poor running mechanics, incorrect training loads or something relating to your unique body design, they will be able to help you understand the driving factors behind your injuries and are equipped with the necessary skills to deliver the required treatment modalities.

Suitable For All Levels

If you are a runner or if you are engaged in any sport where running is key, we cater to every level of ability and motivation. Our goal is the same as yours – to get you moving to the best of your ability.

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Our Run360 Bundles

The Agile Hare

With this bundle our Physios will perform a comprehensive assessment of your movement patterns and muscle balance, provide a tailored prehab or rehab program, and complete a review session with therapy work.

The Savvy Ostrich

Get an in-depth 3D analysis of your running with a customised report from our Physios. You’ll get expert prehab and rehab advice based on your insightful data, along with technique guidance and a strength review.

The Elite Cheetah

In addition to the full savvy ostrich bundle, you’ll get 6 x monthly review sessions, a strength and technique assessment after 6 weeks, and another 3D screen after 12 weeks to see the difference Run360 has made.