RUN 360

Specialist Physiotherapy & 3D Running Analysis Clinic

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Moving freely? Want more from your body? Get fixed, get fit, get fast.

If you are newly injured, looking for treatment advice to get over a nagging injury or want to avoid injury in the future, we can help you. Run360 is a specialist physiotherapy and 3D movement analysis clinic. Our physiotherapists utilise real-time 3D gait analysis to help them analyse and diagnose running and walking related injuries to provide bespoke injury prevention programmes.

Run 360 is powered by Run3D technology - a spin-off from Oxford University that currently delivers gait analysis systems across the UK. In partnership with Run3D, for the first time, Ireland can now avail of this cutting edge technology.


Our Run360 Services


Run360 Physiotherapy


3d Running Analysis


Specialist Physiotherapy

Our physiotherapists can diagnose and treat injuries across the whole body, with advanced training in lower limb and pelvic mechanics. All of our therapists have access to the 3D gait analysis system.

State of the art technology

Our revolutionary 3D gait system uses multiple cameras and reflective markers placed on joints to capture precise and accurate data to measure your movement patterns during walking and running in real time.

Specialist 3d Running Screen

Whether it is poor running mechanics, incorrect training loads or something else relating to your bodyโ€™s unique makeup, our specialist physios will be able to help you understand how your body is working.

Suitable For All Levels

If you are a runner or walker who partakes in any sporting activity where either of these are key, we want to get you moving to the best of your ability. Every level of ability and motivation can be looked after.

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